Exhibitionist is the solo project of Sydney based multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle. Raised in Toowoomba QLD, Tickle started performing in Brisbane as a member of Little Scout. Her versatility as a singer and multi-instrumentalist saw her grace stages locally and abroad as a touring member for The John Steel singers, Henry Wagons and Parades. She is also a current member of two-piece art-noise act, Party Dozen, alongside frequent collaborator Jonathon Boulet.

Exhibitionist's sultry electronic pop draws on delicate vocals, taut, skeletal drums and swelling synths. Her debut release 'Hands' introduced fans to her unique and captivating world, with a singular aesthetic, highlighted in the song's official video

Continuing this narrative, 'Motionless' is a stirring rush of emotion, purposefully filling the space in her understated production with poignancy. The song was written after a disagreement with a dear friend, who was left frozen and completely motionless by the altercation. In her words, 'the lyrics are about finding forgiveness and the cyclic nature of friendships, but mostly the song is about love always coming out on top'.