Tia Gostelow set the airwaves alight with her debut single “State Of Art” winning Triple J Unearthed High's Indigenous Initiative and placing her as a Triple J Unearthed High finalist. Her second single "Vague Utopia" was added to Triple J rotation, garnered rave reviews and proved that 2016 is just the starting block for this young songstress.

"Vague Utopia" sees Tia Gostelow's arresting vocals ebb and flow from gossamer-draped lilts to velvet timbres, which resonate with nostalgic longing. “I tend to develop songs, even happy ones, with minor chords so they can still sound melancholy even if I’m not writing about heartbreak. But most of my work is usually very chilled, so it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon or a road trip, where you can feel comfortable and relaxed and just take the time to listen to the lyrics.” – Tia Gostelow